ORWO Wolfen NC400 (36) (135菲林)

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ORWO Wolfen NC400(36)(135菲林)


Orwo官方稱其乳劑配方原型為採用鎢絲燈電影菲林的 Agfa XT32,而Agfa XT32 (1985-1995年) 在停產前亦曾經拍過數部經典電影,例如《非洲之旅》’Out of Africa’ (1985) 及《俠盜王子羅賓漢》。菲林已去碳層,可以直接用C41藥水做沖掃。



Orwo官方提醒用家,NC400比較少顆粒,因此影像會比較細緻,但需要注意菲林成色偏綠,陰影飽和度亦會比較低。大致上NC400色調偏冷,NC500偏暖。另外,片殼已貼上了DX 碼的貼紙,方便電子機用家使用。


菲林規格:135 / 彩色負片菲林



ORWO Wolfen NC400 (36) (135 Film)

NC400 is a brand, new 400 ASA, 36 exposure, colour photographic film.


At the core of our new colour film lies a unique chemical formula based on the wonderful and legendary Agfa stock last used in the BAFTA award winning film ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’ with the best selling soundtrack provided by the awesome photographer/musician Bryan Adams.


Similar to its sister, the NC500, but with less grain and more deliberately vibrant in certain colours — you will find that the NC400 is uniquely balanced towards greens, desaturated shadows and a more subtle grain, these are all aspects that we are embracing for our new addition.


Additional Information

Film Type: 135/Colour Negative Film

Development: C41

ASA: 400

Exposures: 36


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