Kodak Gold 200 (36) (135菲林)


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Kodak Gold 200 (36) (135菲林)
非常搶手的產品!ISO200的菲林適合大部分有日光及充足光源的拍攝用途。若稱Gold 200為 無論新手或是專業的攝影師都愛不釋手的產品 絕對不過分。
店主在錢包窮途末路之際經常用Gold 200拍攝~

菲林格式:135 / 彩色負片菲林
建議沖洗方式: C-41



Kodak Gold 200 (36) (135 Film)

A highly sought-after product! ISO 200 film is suitable for most shooting purposes with daylight and ample light sources. It’s not an exaggeration to call Gold 200 a product that both novice and professional photographers can’t get enough of.

Additional Information

Film Type: 135/Colour Negative Film

Development: C41

ASA: 200

Exposures: 36

Reference photos: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/gold200/


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