CineStill 800T Tungsten (36)(135菲林)


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CineStill 800t Tungsten
CineStill 800t Tungsten 是一款鎢絲燈彩色負片電影菲林,但不同於一般的電影菲林,此菲林經過特殊處理,已經將碳層除掉,用一般的C41沖洗程序即可,不需以ECN-2沖洗。CineStill 800t Tungsten可用於低光環境拍攝,官方更指可谷沖三級(即至ISO 3200) ,但當然顆粒相對也會偏大。在晚間的城市中使用此菲林更能表現它的特色 -強光位會出現紅色的光暈,就像香港的霓虹燈一樣。 至於用於白天拍攝,色彩會偏冷,較為淡雅,大家可多作實驗啊。


菲林格式:135 / 彩色電影菲林
建議沖洗方式: C-41



CineStill 800t Tungsten (135 Film)

CineStill 800t Tungsten is a tungsten-balanced color negative film designed for movie cameras. Unlike typical movie film, this film has undergone a special treatment to remove the carbon layer, allowing it to be processed using the standard C-41 process, rather than requiring ECN-2 processing. It is suitable for low-light photography, and the manufacturer even claims that it can be pushed three stops (up to ISO 3200), though the grain will be larger as a result. When used in nighttime cityscapes, this film can produce a distinct effect where bright light sources exhibit a red halo, similar to Hong Kong’s neon lights. For daytime photography, the colors will be cooler and more subdued, so feel free to experiment.

Tip: Remember to use the film within two years from the production date. For the best results, using it within six months is recommended.

Additional Information

Film Type: 135/Colour Negative Film

Development: C41

ASA: 800

Exposures: 36

Expiration Date: 06/2007


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