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1. 掃描QR code 進入網站
2. 揀選所需服務:沖掃/單沖/單掃 (普通菲林選C41沖掃即可)
3. 填寫菲林數量
4. 加入購物車並付款,緊記填寫電郵地址!
5. 用膠袋把菲林裝好
6. 在膠袋放入已寫上訂單編號的紙條

1. Scan QR code to enter the website
2. Select service: develop&scan/ develop only/ scan only
3. Fill in the number of film rolls
4. Add to cart and pay, remember to fill in the correct email address!
5. Put the films in the plastic bag
6. Write the order number on the paper and put it into the bag

BW Film Services

BW Develop & Scan, BW Develop, BW Scan

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