Konica Minolta 業務用 100 (24)(過期135菲林)


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Konica Minolta 業務用 100 (24) (135菲林)
大多數人都唔知道Konica都有推出過業務用菲林,喺Konica Minolta 業務重組前曾經都有生產菲林同相機,張國榮都做過代言人。

* Konica, Kodak, Fujicolor都有推出過業務用菲林

菲林格式:135 / 彩色負片菲林
建議沖洗方式: C-41



Konica Minolta Industrial 100 (24) (135 Film)

Many people are not aware that Konica also has a line of industrial films. Prior to Konica Minolta’s business reorganization, they produced both film and cameras, and even enlisted the help of famous Hong Kong actor Leslie Cheung as a spokesperson.

This particular film boasts a warm and slightly pinkish tone that is reminiscent of the days when family portraits were taken on film. Additionally, it can be used to create unique and artistic works, similar to the Lomo style. The film’s packaging is also noteworthy, featuring a simple blue and white design that adds to its collectible value.

Note: expired film may produce unexpected color shifts, color casts, or other results that cannot be predicted. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that every roll will produce 100% usable images. We recommend using ISO25-50 when shooting with expired film for better results.

Konica, Kodak and Fujicolor are brands with a line of industrial films.


Additional Information

Film Type: 135/Colour Negative Film

Development: C41

ASA: 100

Exposures: 24

Expiration Date: 06/2007

Reference: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/konicaminolta100/


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