Kodak Portra 800 (135菲林)


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Kodak Portra 800 (135菲林)

菲林格式:135 / 彩色負片菲林
建議沖洗方式: C-41



Kodak Portra 800 (135 Film)
The Portra series is guaranteed to deliver. As a professional series portrait film, it has a warm yellow tone that renders natural skin tones and low contrast. It has fine grain and delicate texture, making it a popular choice among professional photographers for its natural imaging. However, the graininess at ISO 800 is more noticeable compared to ISO 160/400, and the shadows tend to have a blue cast while underexposure may result in a green cast, so be careful when using it.

Additional Information

Film Type: 135/Colour Negative Film

Development: C41

ASA: 800

Exposures: 36

Reference photos: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/kodakportra800/


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