Fujicolor F-II 100 (20)(過期135菲林)


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Fujicolor F-II 100 (24)(過期135菲林)

以前係室內低光環境下影菲林相都要依靠閃光燈協助都真係唔太方便,於是富士著手開發以下呢款號稱世界上首個將感光度提升到400度既彩色菲林 - FUJICOLOR F-II 100。




菲林格式:135 / 彩色正片菲林


Fujicolor F-II 100 (24) (Expired 135 Film)

In the past, it was not very convenient to shoot film photos in low-light indoor environments without the assistance of a flash. To address this issue, Fujifilm developed the world’s first color film that increased sensitivity to 400 ISO – the FUJICOLOR F-II 100.

Since its launch in October 1976, it has received high praise in Europe and America, and has made film photography more accessible, as it is no longer limited by environmental factors. This is why a 100 ISO version was also released.

The green and blue packaging design of this film is distinctive. Despite being expired since June 1976, which is nearly half a century ago, it can still be a valuable addition to the collection of any film enthusiast.

Note: This film is more valuable as a collector’s item than for actual use. We do not recommend using it to take pictures.


Additional Information

Film Type: 135/Colour Negative Film

ASA: 100

Exposures: 20

Expiration date: 06/1976

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