CineStill 400D Dynamic (36)(135菲林)


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CineStill 400D Dynamic (36)(135菲林)

CineStill 400D Dynamic 是最新推出的日光彩色負片菲林,細緻顆粒,亦適合應於不同日光環境,具有寬廣的動態範圍,基本感光度為 ISO 400,官方更指可谷沖至ISO 3200。

CineStill 400D還具有經久耐用的抗靜電潤滑塗層,非常適合手動單反相機、自動上鍊相機、傻瓜機等。

ISO400菲林具有高度的通用性,非常適合在不同高光、低光環境使用,因此無論是新手還是老手、室内或是室内拍攝,通常都會放幾卷ISO 400菲林傍身~

菲林格式:135 / 彩色負片菲林
建議沖洗方式: C-41


CineStill 400D Dynamic (36) (135 Film)

It is the latest daylight color negative film, with fine grain and suitable for various lighting conditions. It has a wide dynamic range, with a base sensitivity of ISO 400, and can be pushed to ISO 3200 according to the manufacturer.

CineStill 400D also features a durable anti-static lubricating coating, making it ideal for use with manual SLR cameras, automatic winding cameras, and point-and-shoot cameras.

ISO 400 film is highly versatile and suitable for use in different lighting conditions, whether it be high or low light environments. Therefore, whether you are a novice or an experienced photographer, shooting indoors or outdoors, it is common to have a few rolls of ISO 400 film on hand.

Additional Information

Film Type: 135/Colour Negative Film

Development: C41

ASA: 400

Exposures: 36



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